The Gambia :“I pledge my commitment not to interfere in the judiciary” ( President Barrow )

Delivering a strong message of assurance at the opening of the 2019 Legal Year, President Barrow has reaffirmed his government’s commitment to continue ensuring a judiciary free from executive overreach.

“On this auspicious occasion, I once again pledge my firm commitment not to interfere in the judicial administration of the country”, the President said.

The President said his administration has broken free from the intolerable practice of sacking Judicial officers without any just cause, as witnessed in the past, stressing that no judicial officer has been arbitrarily dismissed from office since he assumed office.

He also pointed out the appointments of human rights lawyers as Chief Justice and Minister of Justice, respectively, as well as the swift reconstitution of the Supreme Court after a three-year break, as testaments of respect for the third arm of the government.

The Chief Justice and the Minister of Justice joined the President in paying glowing tribute to the high level of judicial independence under the current govt.

“You [President Barrow] have lived up to your assurance of no interference in the judiciary both in public and private”, stressed the Chief Justice, Hassan B. Jallow.

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