AFRICA : Egypt’s Sisi took over the leadership of African Union from Kagame of Rwandan

Rwandan President Paul Kagame, who led an active, reformist tenure as African Union chair, on Sunday passes the leadership to Egypt, seen as more likely to focus on security issues than expanding the powers of the body.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi officially took over the post of ceremonial head of the African Union which rotates between the five regions of the continent at the start of a two-day summit in Addis Ababa.

While multiple crises on the continent will be on the agenda of heads of state from the 55 member nations, the summit will also focus on institutional reforms, and the establishment of a continent-wide free trade zone.

The Continental Free Trade Area (CFTA) was agreed by 44 nations in March 2018, but only 19 countries have ratified the agreement, with 22 needed for it to come into effect.

THE GAMBIA : Police warn about unauthorized demonstration

The Gambia police force has warned against public demonstration without a police permit adding that it was illegal and unlawful.   

A press release issued by the office of the Inspector General of Police stated that they “were aware of an audio circulating on social media about an intent to demonstrate without a permit which contravenes the principles of democracy.

“Therefore it’s important to note that under section 178 of the 1997 constitution, the Police Force is responsible to preserve, protect and maintain public peace.

There is nowhere in the world where a person or group of persons occupy the streets without the consent of the relevant authorities whose presence will be to protect lives and properties of everyone.

“The public is hereby reminded that the Office of the Inspector General will use all means reasonable to ensure that the peace and tranquillity of this country will never be compromised in all its forms.

“Furthermore, those who may want to protest or demonstrate should ensure that they comply with the law in order to be protected by the law.

“In as much as being in a democratic society one has the right to the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, but of course such rights go with certain responsibilities.