The Gambia : Sait Darboe accuse Edward David Singhateh of killing Gambian Army Officers were accused of coup attempt on 11 / November / 1994


The Vice President of the West African Bloc ECOWAS’s Edward David Singhateh has been accused of masterminding the killing of Gambian army officers, who were accused of coup attempt on 11 November of 1994. Mr. Singhateh was the Junta Defense Minister at the time of the mass execution of the officers. The revelation was made by Sait Darboe, a former Army Private soldier. Darboe was giving evidence yesterday before Gambia’s Truth, Reconciliation and Reparations Commission (TRRC).

Mr. Singhateh works at the ECOWAS Secretariat in Nigeria. He was elected Vice President of the African bloc during dictator Jammeh’s rule. He still maintains that post .

Mr. Darboe says Singhateh had played a leading role towards the execution of the November 11th Juntas . He says Singhateh did not only supervised the execution, but he also took part in the mass execution of the former army officers.

He says Singhateh’s younger brother Lt. Peter Singhateh had also took part in the execution of the accused officers. He described Peter Singhateh as a heartless former officer.