Breaking News : 800 Gambians are waiting for deportation from Germany

Dr. Stefan Oswald, PS, Germany Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development has said that 800 Gambians are supposed to leave Germany immediately because they have overstay in the country.

Dr. Oswald made these remarks on Tuesday at Gambia Technical Training Institute (GTTI) Annex in Mansakonko during a visit to the institute currently being rehabilitated by Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit GIZ.

He added that there are relatively many Gambians of around 16,000 in Germany, out of which 4000  have no rights to stay in Germany.

He further said that out of the figure, 4,400 who are educated, need treatment and other reasons have the rights to stay for sometime.

The project is meant to improve employ ability of young Gambians including returnees through strengthening the GTTI Annex in Mansakonko.

Two pilot training courses of one year in production and repair of agricultural tools as well as solarTechnic on household level are due to be carried out at the institute.

Each batch is expected to accommodate 20 students, with 5 places secured for returnees. 

He stated that the project is part of their general activities in order to create better circumstances for people finding jobs, adding that they are supporting quite a number of activities but The Gambian government has to invest something.

He went on to say that they will assist the Gambian government in developing capacities to take their fate in their own hands because The Gambia, like all other African states are signatories to the Agenda 2063 called the Africa we want.

He noted that their job is to accompany countries who want to be accompanied.

Sources : The Point .

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