Africa ( Libya ) A large batch of Turkish arms to the Libyan capital Tripoli arrived

Arrived at the port of the Libyan capital Tripoli, a large batch of Turkish military weapons and armor on board a ship coming from northern Turkey.
The Libyan Al-Samoud Brigade, led by the well-known military leader from the city of Misurata and internationally punished, Salah Paddy, posted pictures and a video on his official Facebook page, showing the moment of the ship’s descent from its nearly 30 armored vehicles Piece, while he vowed to fight and make a difference on the ground.

The ship, which was flagged by Moldova, was named “AMAZON” and, according to information from the sites concerned with the movement of ships, sailed from the port of Samsun in northern Turkey on 21 April.

Similar to the military vehicles seen in the published sections, Kirby Turkish armored vehicles from BMC, based in Samson, manufacture military equipment for the Turkish army and the Qatari Investment Fund owns 50% of its shares.

By : Mr . Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of Kabiru News Network ( K.N.N )

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