Breaking News : The Zionist entity ( Israel ) banned two Muslim members of the US Congress from entering its territory after a request from Donald Trump

Israel has banned two Muslim members of the US Congress , Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib, from a visit they had planned to do, after President Donald Trump called for them to be banned .

Earlier in the day, Trump called on Israel to block the entry of two Muslim members of Congress from the Democratic Party, which have announced their support for boycott Israel , divestment and sanctions.

Trump added “If Israel allows MPs Ilhan Omar and MP Rachida Tlib to visit, it will be a sign of great weakness on their part,” Trump tweeted.

“They hate Israel, and all the Jewish people, and nothing can be said or done that changes their mind,” he said.

The decision is a reversal of what the Israeli ambassador to the United States announced last month, when he said his country would admit Muslim members of Congress to visit Israel .