( K.N.N) 26 / 08 / 2019 : Calls to fight racism in football after insults addressed to Pogba and Rashford

French footballer Paul Pogba’s campaign to the threats and racist comment on Social Media after he missed a in Manchester United 1-1 draw with wolverhampton wanderes has sparked resentment in Football .

Racism is not a news phenomenon in the world of football despite all efforts to address it, and despite the diverse and diverse races of it’s big stars .but it seems the phenomenon is still rampant , and even moved from the chants in the stadium to all social media network .

Frenchman (African Decedent ) Paul Pogba has been subjected to racist threats, comments , insults and abuses on social media network after he missed a penalty in Manchester United game against wolverhampton wonderes in the second week of the premier league which ended with 1-1 draw.

The question is when was missing the penalty became a crime ? we all know that even the top players can miss the penalty any where any time .

For Example Sadio Mane of Senegal missed more than two penalty in the last African cup of Nation Egypt 2019, but that does not mean that the man can’t play again i think they are not angry about the penalty they are angry about the money they are paying him is too much so he must score the penalty otherwise they will deal with him .

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of Kabru News Network ( K.N.N ).

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