Amie Bojang-Sissoho : President Barrow doors are Open to Dialogue Over 3 Years agreement

The Gambia ( KN.N ) 19 / 09 /2019 : The director of press and public relations at State House, Ms. Amie Bojang-Sissoho, has said that President Adama Barrow doors are open to dialogue with Gambians over the 3-years agreement.

“The President’s decision is that as a nation we must discuss and have a dialogue in a context that will help us move forward because what he wants is to make this country better than what it is for all .
In order to do that his perspective on the three years issue is for us to have a dialogue on the matter,” Ms. Bojang said at a press briefing at State House yesterday Wednesday 18 / 09 / 2019 .

She said the President is also understand the fact that there cannot be peace without dialogue.

“Yes, if the government fails to realize its dreams President Barrow will take the blame as the head of state.

But it is the responsibility of every institution in the Gambia that has a stake in the national development plan to make sure that you do what is expected of you…not for President Barrow to succeed but for the greater good of the Gambia,” she noted.

By Kabiru Sagnia : Chief Editor of Kabiru News network (K.N.N).

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