Islamic world : Why is the Muslim world “silent” in the face of Chinese violations against Uyghurs?

Banjul ( KNN ) : Despite increasing reports condemning abuses in China against Uighur Muslims, a Turkih-speaking Muslim group in the northwestern region of Xinjiang, the OIC member states remain silent and do nothing to defend this oppressed minority.
The director of the Uyghur Institute in Europe, Dilnour Rihan, launched a cry in French magazine Nouvel Observateur in May to denounce his indifference to “one of the greatest crimes against humanity in the 21st century”. Repression of the Uighur minority in Xinjiang, northwest China.

Leaked classified documents on Sunday revealed reports obtained by the International Federation of Investigative Journalists and published by the media around the world, that China has detained up to one million Uighurs in rehabilitation camps. But Beijing denies the charges, and speaks of “vocational training centers” to enrich knowledge and fight Islamic extremism.

Dilnour Rihan, an Uighur resident in France, attacked French President Emmanuel Macron at the same time and wrote a joint open letter with left-wing EU MP Rafael Gluksmann published in the Liberation newspaper. “Major crimes feed from silence. The Uighurs have now fallen into some sort of The black hole โ€ฆ a legitimate black hole in China [โ€ฆ] and a political black hole in the world , they are hardly mentioned in our countries’ negotiations with Chinese leaders. “

But despite new information on detention centers in Xinjiang, solidarity with the Muslim minority, which has been systematically repressed by the Chinese authorities, remains limited.

NOTE : China helping Africa and some Islamic Countries , does not mean that we should close our eyes about their crimes against our Uighur Brothers and Sisters in Xinjiang .

By Kabiru Sagnia Chief Editor of Kabiru News Network ( K.N.N ).

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